April 4, 2024


by: Jeter Chiropractic


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Chiropractic Care & Tooth Decay

Many Americans understand the importance of regular dental check-ups for their oral health, even without symptoms. However, they often overlook the same concept for their spines due to a lack of knowledge.

They remain uninformed because nobody has told them.

Part of the problem is that people tend to focus on what they can visibly see. Imagine if you greeted people with your spine rather than your teeth, or wore your spinal x-rays visibly and were judged based on your spinal health.

Numerous studies link good posture with confidence and its influence on others’ perception of you. This could affect job promotions, first impressions on dates or interviews. If people were more educated about these relationships, we’d likely see more visits to the Chiropractor!

Unfortunately, people often wait until there’s a problem. Some even tolerate unbearable pain from a cavity or tooth abscess before visiting their dentist.

The reality is, your spine is even more important than your teeth. Unlike teeth, your spine can’t be replaced. Your spine protects the nerves controlling every aspect of your health, including the growth, development, and maintenance of your teeth.

The aim here isn’t to undermine the importance of oral care, but to highlight that caring for your spine should be a priority.

Isn’t it interesting that we all know how important it is to have regular dental check-ups and to look after our teeth daily with brushing, flossing and avoiding too many sweet treats, but we don’t always give our spines the same love and attention? It’s a bit surprising that we might see a dentist more often than we would visit a chiropractor, don’t you think?

Most people fail to understand the need for regular chiropractic care for spinal health. This includes daily stretches and exercises, posture monitoring, etc.

“Everybody thinks they don’t need a chiropractor…until they need a chiropractor.”

Regrettably, people tend to view chiropractic therapy as acute care, waiting until a problem arises and presents something of crisis. Being proactive and seeking care before a crisis, and as routine maintenance as part of an overall wellness strategy, is the best way to utilize chiropractic.

Due to this misunderstanding, many people seek chiropractic help only after years of neglecting their spinal health, often presenting with severe pain and related health issues.

This puts the chiropractor in a difficult position, which might result in a patient’s discontent with the chiropractic experience, especially when patients come into the process expecting a quick fix. It’s true, chiropractic care can be fantastic at alleviating pain and health crises, provided patient expectations are aligned, and they enter the process prepared to actively participate in their successful treatment.

If nothing else, Jeter Chiropractic urges folks to take control of their spinal health. Start with a chiropractor evaluating your x-rays to understand the current health of your spine. If issues exist, they need to be corrected. Once they have been corrected, it will require some work to maintain it. The good news about that is that it’s probably easier than you think, and Dr. Jeter can give you specific instructions while answering any questions you may have.

Now that you understand proper spinal care, you have two responsibilities. Firstly, act for your own benefit, and secondly, educate others so they too can reap the benefits. Call Jeter Chiropractic today at (704) 633-5156 to schedule an appointment!